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News, 9/10/2014

A website for the services to enterprises provided by Finland’s diplomatic missions

The internationalization services for enterprises provided by the Team Finland actors are now available under one address on the Team Finland website. The goal is that enterprises find what they need easily and get an idea of the range the services on offer.

The website supporting the internationalization of enterprises lists services provided by Finpro, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Tekes, Finnvera, Finnpartnership, Finnfund, Finnish Industry Investment, the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres), and the Finnish-Russian and Finnish-Swedish Chambers of Commerce.

The material is divided into six themes acting as headings for the actual services. Enterprises receive information about markets in other countries, advice on the various stages of internationalization, financing, and assistance for the creation of networks, community relations and visibility.

The first version of the service package was presented to the actors and partners of the Team Finland network in Helsinki on 3 September at the same time as Finpro publicized its new operating model and services and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs introduced the services it provides for enterprises.

“In today’s world, enterprises need comprehensive services,” Johanna Ikäheimo, Chairman of the Board of Lappset Group Ltd and Member of the Team Finland Steering Group, pointed out in her opening address.

It is therefore important that internationalization services also constitute a single coherent entity.

In his address Markus Suomi, President and CEO of Finpro, which publicized its new operating model, stressed that stronger Team Finland cooperation is an important element of Finpro’s new networked operating strategy.

“Let’s eliminate duplication and work together where it benefits the client,” Suomi urged.

Information about market
potential to enterprises

Under-Secretary of State Matti Anttonen of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs reminded the audience of how important it is to disseminate information. For instance, at present, enterprises do not know how to use the services offered by the network of diplomatic missions.

Information must be gathered and distributed so that enterprises become aware of the market potential.

“SMEs do not always know that they lack information, but one thing they are sure to know: that there’s no money,” Senior Advisor Severi Keinälä of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy summarized.

At the event, Keinälä presented the financial services intended for internationalization. Keinälä said that during the coming autumn, Team Finland will also concentrate on simplifying the financing sector.

The pooling of internationalization services takes Team Finland cooperation one step further. The subsequent important steps are, for instance, to finish the service model applied in Finland and, by the end of next year, to create a joint customer relations management system.

This will make it easier for enterprises to contact the service providers, and information about the enterprise’s needs will be transmitted smoothly from one actor to the next.

To learn more about the internationalization services:

The materials presented by the speakers at the event:

Additional information: Mari-Kaisa Brander, Head of Communications for Team Finland, Government Communications Department, mobile tel. +358 40 131 3388,,

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Updated 9/10/2014

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